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Aviation Law at FreeAdvice.com contains information on aviation accidents, including accidents and injuries that may occur on board a commercial airline, general airplane and travel safety, and FAA regulations. The Federal Aviation Administration makes rules, regulations, and policies related to air travel and airport safety.

For example, rules about pilot rest times between flights, air traffic controller qualifications, and passenger behavior aboard flights are all under FAA purview.

In addition to regulating safety generally, such as airport safety through screening requirements, the FAA issues Airworthiness Directives, which sometimes remove from circulation certain parts of aircraft by make, appliance, number, and product.

For example, an Airworthiness Directive related to certain Hamilton Standard Series propellers manufactured in the fourth quarter of 1983 may have been susceptible to fracture, therefore the FAA Airworthiness Directive directed that the propellers affected be removed from service and reworked prior to reinstallation. Airworthiness Directives aim to make sure airplanes and other aircraft are safe by taking faulty parts and aircraft out of circulation or requiring repairs.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), an independent federal agency responsible for the investigation of incidents in transportation, investigates air accidents such as airline crashes. In addition, the NTSB maintains a database on airplane crashes and has other duties with regard to aviation and transportation safety.

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