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Consumer Complaint:

My mother passed away in April and we cannot find any life insurance on her. Colonial Penn told me to contact you.

Insurance Expert Answer:

Sorry to learn of your loss, but we are an internet site not an insurance agency or company or governmental unit and have no records of who had insurance or when other than for our own employees.

Some thoughts -- go thru the papers and files to see if there are copies of any life insurance policies or annuities; if so, write the companies involved. Check your parents' checkbooks and cancelled checks to see if they were paying life insurance premiums in the last 10 years. If so, check with those companies.

Ask any former long-term employer from whom they retired to see if there was any retiree life coverage or other benefits -- such as pension, 401k, etc., that remained in force.

If your parents served in the armed forces there may be some benefits -- contact the branch of service they were in.

A bit of additional free advice: in the past dozen years this type of question has repeatedly been asked. I don’t know of a situation in which the folks found any insurance that was worthwhile enough to be worth the time and effort required to look for it when people are past 75. Most people drop insurance they no longer need rather than pay premiums.

Further, the amounts most people took out when they bought life policies in the 1940s and 50s and 60s is tiny in today's dollars.

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