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  • Insurance Carrier: EIi Equity
  • State: OK

Consumer Complaint:

Their insured consumer hit me and left the scene. I have minor damage to my car which they sent check for less than damages were worth but I accepted and minor injury. I have whiplash from the accident and have had medical treatment and their adjuster has decided there was no injury even though I have sent the medical records to her. I asked early on what I could do to settle and get it behind me and they offered $300 which would not have covered my medical let alone time away from work and stress/anxiety from the pain and treatment so I rejected the offer and they rescinded their offer and have decided there is no injury.


I don’t think insurance adjusters should be allowed to overrule doctors and medical professionals in determining injuries and then not be responsible for such. They certainly make enough money from all of us that have insurance premiums to pay to take care of their obligations to injured individuals.

Insurance Expert Answer:

They are not over-ruling a doctor, they are treating you as a fool.

Proving causation is not always easy. You'd be amazed how many people blame pre-existing conditions on an accident, and/or make bogus claims.

Insurance companies are suspicious and rightly so. Among the factors they consider are the nature if the accident, immediate complaints, any lapse in time between the accident and the treatment, time off from work, inability to engage in activities, the likely duration of pain or disability, the claimant's claim and credit history, etc.

When a person handles his or her own claim, and asks for money for a supposed personal injury, companies often think the person is exaggerating what at best is a minor injury and/or is a fool. If they offer anything, it's likely to be pennies on the dollar.

Get a lawyer -- or try to -- if the injury is serious enough. Lawyers generally won't charge up front on personal injury cases, but may not want to handle a very small case and/or one that has been likely messed up by the claimant before the lawyer was involved. You also could go to small claims court.

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