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FreeAdvice’s attorney describes the difference between exempt and nonexempt so you can properly classify your employees. – Full Article can be found here

Apartment Therapy

Legal writer for explains how to get out of an apartment lease early. – Full Article can be found here

Vice’s legal writer explains how cost-cutting algorithms impact your job search. – Full Article can be found here

Business Wire Launches Insurance Company Reviews on Online Insurance Information Resource – Full Article can be found here

Business Wire Launches Group Weblog, Legal Soapbox to Complement Leading Online Legal Information Resource Legal Soapbox Offers a New Voice on Current Events from Respected Legal Professionals – Full Article can be found here

Business Wire Advice to New Yorkers on Avoiding Fireworks Injuries From
Business Wire 4th of July Fireworks Produce Injuries and Lawsuits
Access Magazine is another top source for bankruptcy basics. You’ll find answers to questions…
Newsbytes, which has won numerous awards for quality, scope and ease-of-use since its launch in 1997, helps over 2 million consumers a year find answers to legal questions in 125 law topics, provides lawyer-moderated legal forums, and a free ask a lawyer live service.
Lab Management Today Uses FreeAdvice’s explanation of non-compete agreements in a article to lab owners.
News Messenger gives free and professional legal information legal information to consumers on the Internet.
New York Times Features as legal self help web site for consumers.
Access Magazine’s Best Sites of the Year This encyclopedia of legal rights and responsibilities is condensed into a manageable Q&A format; the categories, such as Accident Law and Small Claims, give links to lawyers.
News Journal (Wilmington, DE) This is a huge Web site with a lot of answers to questions about consumer and small business law… …visitors can ask specific questions on legal bulletins or chat directly with attorneys.
CNNfn Try’s FreeAdvice Live!
Dallas Morning News’s U.S. Supreme Court Contest.
Times …answers almost every legal question you’ll ever be faced with – for free. And forget about legalese: This information is written in plain English.
Decatur Daily …answers almost every legal question you’ll ever be faced with – for free.
People Magazine Whether you want to write your will or hire a personal Perry Mason, legal Web sites can help – but which pass the bar? Online asked CNN legal eagle Great Van Susteren for a briefing … calls’s legal-guidence bulletin boards “intriguing – I like to see what people are posting.”
Stocktrends’ Online Investor FreeAdvice is a gargantuan set of documents broken down by the type of legal help needed.
Electronic Musician … porvides help for small businesses. Topics covered include getting a tax identification number and partnership types.
Marking Industry ( contains a broad range of questions and answers on many legal topics…
Entrepreneur Magazine “This deal is hard to beat: thoughtful, sound legal advice free of charge… the tilt is heavily toward what will interest business owners and executives.”
Oregonian this site has been prepared by lawyers from more than 25 law firms. Legal information on a variety of topics, including family law, is offered.
Forbes —
“Best of the Web”
In re-awarding FreeAdvice a “Best of the Web” Forbes says: “If you’re starting any kind of legal proceeding, this site should be at the top of your list.”
Scripps – Howard News Service — printed in over 50 papers nationwide “At one time or another you’re going to need legal advice and your pretty sure you’ll have to pay for it. This site, however, answers almost every legal question you’ll ever be faced with – for free. And forget about legalese: This information is written in plain English.”
CNNfn and CNN Interactive FreeAdvice’s CEO provides helpful tips on rental car insurance to make sure your summer vacation goes as planned.
EBAY ….provides free general legal advice from attorneys at 25 law firms around the country. You’ll find information on more than 100 topics
The Tampa Tribune Favorite Web sites – Legal Advice
Sounds & Communications We believe this URL speaks for itself. We emphasize that there is no substitute for a competent professional. But our attorney friends tell us there is no substitute for a well informed client.
The New York Times Interested in live advice? Try (, where seven days a week (during specified hours) you can have an online dialogue with a real live lawyer … some of the stock answers may meet your needs (in fact, the section Who Do I Contact After an Auto Accident, under Accident Law, is the ideal place to help you sort out your next steps in dealing with your recent fender bender.)
Forbes Magazine:

Best of the Web Award

FreeAdvice provides a wealth of alternatives for finding answers to legal questions. This site is easy to navigate with topics from bankruptcy to aviation law displayed right on the home page. There is also a handy database of 3,000 questions and answers. If you can’t find an answer there, you can pose questions during real-time sessions with affiliated lawyers, called FreeAdvice Live. During tax season, the site added extra tax attorneys to staff the message boards.
Washington Post One of a few sites on the Web that can help you answer many general legal questions… ” Comprehensive resource for quick answers to questions about the law. … If you actually are on the hunt for a lawyer, finding one through this site is a very streamlined process: Just click on the appropriate geographic location and general subject matter. Next thing you know, you’re looking at a list of addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of lawyers who specialize in whatever topic you were looking into.” With the Federal Income Tax filing deadline fast approaching,, the leading consumer legal Web site, has added tax specialists to its battery of lawyers providing free advice on the Internet. Over 30 lawyers are now answering thousands of consumers’ legal questions each week, in real time, free, at
PC World Cover Story: 5th Annual Best Free Stuff Online Extensive information on over 100 topics… This site also offers scheduled, real-time question-and-answer sessions with a lawyer and a good dictionary of legal terms. It’s almost enough to make you foreswear telling all those lawyer jokes in the future.
Kim Komando’s Internet Pick of the Week “Call my lawyer.” What if you don’t have a lawyer or want to know your legal rights? The legal content on has been principally prepared by leading attorneys. Name a topic that you might want or need legal advice and it’s sure to be listed at this site. While the site is no substitute for a living breathing lawyer, it certainly makes you more informed for when you really meet with your lawyer.
ABA Lawyers Manual on Professional Conduct …”FreeAdvice Live!” a feature of This service “enables consumers to obtain real time one-on-one personalized guidance from a lawyer, over the internet, for free.”
Business 2.0 Featured in the cover article The Smart Way to Start a Net Company as an online legal resource for entrepreneurs looking to start an Internet company.
Business Start-Ups Magazine is a gold mine of comprehensive, plain-English explanations on everything from intellectual property, tax, and financial law to business law and more. This site also has a directory of lawyers for hire.
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin and Legal Intelligencer ….”Crammed with information for the layman about the law and how to deal with legal problems.”
Access Magazine This is essentially an encyclopedia of legal rights and responsibilities, condensed into an easy Q & A format. The site thorughly covers all major areas of law, including criminal, civil rights, bankruptcy, employment, real estate, taxes and small claims. Access is distributed as parts of major papers in Los Angeles, Chicago, SF Bay Area, Boston, Washington, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Tampa, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, and Milwaukee. Access Magazine’s circulation exceeds 7,000,000. is gets into the middle of a British insurance company’s effort to get out of its obligation to pay prize winners on the hit TV show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” is described as “a legal advice site for regular folk”.
Minneapolis Star Tribune Consumers can get answers to common questions and save themselves time and money by visiting..
Entrepreneur Magazine Called “the most useful consumer legal site” by USA Today. Users can click on such topics as business law, intellectual property or employment law, then on various subtopics for information in a question-answer format. A “Find a lawyer” button links to “AttorneyPages”, a user-friendly directory of lawyers and law firms searchable by city and area of specialization.
Wall Street Journal This site has consumer-friendly primers on dozens of legal issues – all conveniently displayed on the front page. The AttorneyPages section lets you search for a lawyer in your area.
The Times (London) “Online services …offer consumers more accessible legal assistance. … … provides a pot-pourri of advice on topics ranging from bankruptcy to patent law.”
Washington Post (DC) launched live lawyers chatting online as a free service to consumers – paid attorneys answering legal questions from anyone who logs on.
Dallas Morning News Large chunks of general legal information. The opening page offers a wide selection of issues such as credit problems, mediation, estate planning, taxes and immigration law. The topics, in turn, break down into specific categories that explain the heart of a legal matter.
StockSmart (Dallas, TX) Yahoo! News (NY, NY) Business Wire (CA), the leading consumer legal website, announced today it is providing real-time, one-on-one personalized guidance from a battery of lawyers. Free, over the Internet. The innovative new service, “FreeAdvice Live” connects consumers directly with a lawyer who can answer their questions immediately, at no charge.
Washington Times was listed as a source for the renting-related legal advice: in a comprehensive article entitled “Sidestepping pitfalls of investing in rental housing”.
Tampa Bay (FL) Business Journal gives opinions on legal insurance and prepaid legal plans.
Bloomberg NewsRadio – 120 stations nationwide A 2 minute broadcast interview segment, repeated multiple times, in which the reporter raves about and he discusses how and help consumers and small businesses.
Chicago Tribune LEGAL EASE TIPS FROM QUICKEN’S VIRTUAL LAWYERS CAN SAVE TIME AND MONEY WHEN IT’S TIME TO CONSULT AN ATTORNEY… nifty tools include Internet access to … resource information from Web sites such as
NY Times Cybertimes story in California Bar Journal Refers to and says “Web surfers can watch for sites that have partnerships with well-known organizations like the Association of Trial Lawyers of America or Better Busiess Bureaus” quoting our CEO.
Family PC Magazine ( On this site’s docket you’ll find a wealth of legal information, divided into categories…. It’s all arranged in an easy-to-understand Q&A format. If you need more specific, one-on-one help, it’s a snap to search for an appropriate attorney in your state.
USA Today and Gannett News Service Nationwide “Legal Help From Cyberspace” and “Where to Find Legal Help on the Net” Even more popular are commercial sites not affiliated with law firms that provide general legal information in easy-to-understand terms. “ …is the site to go to.” and “ has user-friendly explanations of basic legal issues, with “I Want a Lawyer” under every heading.”
Physicians Financial News is a Web service that provides useful, easy-to-understand legal information. While many Websites are geared toward the legal profession, this one is consumer oriented and covers everything from accident law and bankruptcy law to personal injury law and tax law. The site also offers several bulletin boards for specific chats between users.
Yahoo! News “ Urges You to Know Your Insurance Rights” Just one of many extensive pick-ups of national coverage of advice from on protecting your rights to insurance benefits.”
New York Times Gerry H. Goldsholle, Chief Executive Officer of the Advice Company, which publishes a legal site called, said consumers should not automatically trust a law-related Web site. Web surfers can watch for sites that have partnerships with well-known organizations like the Association of Trial Lawyers of America or Better Business Bureaus, he said.
Ottumwa (IA) Courier Want free legal help? Try which bills itself as “the easy-to-use site for legal information.” You can learn your rights on a huge range of topics such as accident law, bankruptcy law, business law, criminal law, estate planning, family law, intellectual property and tax law. There is also a sectionon small claims.
Lansing (MI) State Journal Ease your fears of going to a lawyer by tapping this reservoir of free advice on everything from accident law to bankruptcies, business and criminal law, labor law, estate planning and much more.
Columbus (OH) Daily Reporter, … “[t]he easy to use site for legal information,” offers users instantaneous legal information at the touch of a button. It features numerous legal topics ranging from defective products to divorce.
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, of Mill Valley, Calif., offers up what it says is the equivalent of a free consultation to help consumers size up their rights in accidents and problems with their insurance companies.
Wall Street Journal was favorably discussed in the feature article about law and lawyers online. “More People Consult the Firm of Cyber, Web & Dot-com.”
Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune: “Just the thought of going to a lawyer scares the bejeebers out of most people. Ease your fears by tapping into this reservoir [] of free legal advice on everyting from accident law to bankruptcies, business and criminal law, labor law, estate planning and much more.”
Regis and Kathie Lee Live was featured on the Regis and Kathie Lee Television Show as one of the “Useful Places to go on the Web”.
Kansas City Star reviewed by the Kansas City Star. “ provides primers on more than 100 legal topics, from accidents and bankrupty to estate planning and insurance. And more. Before you go see a lawyer, you may want to drop by.”
World Net Daily When you need to know your legal rights in any of 100 different areas – from boat accidents to broker disputes and guarantees to Social Security law – has you covered. In easy-to-understand language, its legal advice ranges from what laws newlyweds need to know to the legalities of starting a business…. It’s hard to imagine what might be missing. While this site has always had an excellent reputation on the Net as an outstanding source of useful information, its credibility has just been enhanced by an endorsement by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. The ATLA also endorses the site’s Attorney Pages, a directory of lawyers listed in the same categories as teh legal guidance.
Business Wire to over 1,000 media outlets and PointCast. The Association of Trial Lawyers of America
(ATLA) announced today that it has entered into an
agreement with Advice & Counsel, Inc. and endorsed its units and which provides public access to legal information and attorneys nationwide using the Internet.
St.Paul (MN) Pioneer Press Feature Story on legal software refers to, repeatedly quotes the Company’s CEO: “[ Chairman] Gerry Goldsholle was among the creators of , a World Wide Web site offering free legal advice from two dozen contributing law firms. ‘Good lawyers prefer knowledgeable clients,’ Goldsholle says. ‘They allow them to cut to the quick and get down to business faster.'”
Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune: was referenced as a great place to go on the internet to get tax and estate planning advice.
The Newark Star Ledger An article in the Newark Star Ledger titled “When the going gets tough,check out these web sites” notes as a valuable resource for easy to understand estate planning and tax advice.
San Jose Mercury Feature Story on legal software refers to, repeatedly quotes the Company’s CEO: “[ Chairman] Gerry Goldsholle was among the creators of , a World Wide Web site offering free legal advice from two dozen contributing law firms. ‘Good lawyers prefer knowledgeable clients,’ Goldsholle says. ‘They allow them to cut to the quick and get down to business faster.'”
Boston Globe An article in the Boston Globe titled “Finding Tax Help Online” rated as one of the best web sites for tax help.
100+ PBS Stations from 2/4/99 to 2/9/99 Chairman of interviewed on Real Computing hosted by John C. Dvorak. Discusses, and “[T]his week’s show is particularly interesting, especially the people who want to get free quality legal advice on the World Wide Web at Gerry Goldsholle, President of FreeAdvice and a number of other functions, the Web functions that are legally based or about the law or about lawyers.”
Internet Lawyer A review of the site in The Internet Lawyer says Free Advice provides general legal information to help people understand their legal rights in 100 legal topics. Most of the legal “advice” is pretty basic, but there are lots of topics. The site was rated the “Most Useful” Consumer Legal Resource in a small survey by USA Today, but its real power is the links to and “
WMAL (Washington, DC’s Leading Talk Radio Station) and discussed at length and given rave reviews by Host Chip Franklin during a 30 minute segment with the Company’s CEO.
Miami Herald Picking a Lawyer: Where to start and what to ask.
Business Wire to over 1,000 media outlets and PointCast. A Legal Check-Up for 1999; Releases Its Second Annual Ten Tips to Help Avoid Unplanned Trips to the Courtroom in the New Year. AttorneyPages is also mentioned in this release.
KGO Radio, an ABC news affiliate and AttorneyPages discussed as Company Chairman is interviewed live on KGO Radio about the legal consequences of drunk driving, and what to do — and not to do — if stopped.
Business Wire to over 1,000 media outlets and PointCast. Explains Drunk Driving – Warns It Is A Very Serious Matter
The Wall Street Journal Watching the Web: Lawyers, Movie Reviews and Holiday Drinks reviews and mentions
Bay TV, an SF Chronicle
and NBC Affiliate receives a rave review from Pete Wilson who, along with’s Chairman and Stanford Professor Emeritus Richard Brody, discusses the issues in the upcoming Impeachment Trial of President Clinton in a 1 hour live broadcast with .
Business Wire to 1,000
media outlets and PointCast. provides extensive information on Differences and Similarities between a Presidential Impeachment Trial before the U.S. Senate and Ordinary Federal Criminal Trials and Civil Trials.
Legal Times Extensive article about and appears in Legal Times. The article quotes lawyers listed on AttorneyPages who attest to its effectiveness.
Business Wire to 200 newspapers and trade press and are mentioned in: “Taboos Gone, Physicians Flock to Expert Witness Work — Internet and Absence of Cost Controls Make It Attractive.”
The Simba Report on Directory Publishing “Advice & Counsel To Offer Free Internet Web Site Development for Lawyers.”
Lawyers Weekly USA In companion articles on Online Attorney Directories: “The New Yellow Pages”, “Choosing the Right Directory” and “Which Type of Directory is Best For You?” AttorneyPages is hailed as a leading and content rich lawyer directory. The articles quote lawyers from Philadelphia, Tampa and Washington, DC who explain how AttorneyPages has generated multiple clients for them. AttorneyPages’ President is also quoted in these outstanding Lawyers’ Weekly USA articles.
California Lawyer “Duty To Surf. Do lawyers have a responsibility to surf the Web for every case? Illinois case law says yes.” To read excerpts from this article click here.
San Francisco Daily Journal The Bystander Column has a large story about FreeAdvice and
USA Today FreeAdvice Rated Most “Extremely Useful” Legal Website for Consumers

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